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  • INACUBE Microwave Ovens specialize in defrosting, drying, grilling, and cooking as well as heating which you have never seen.
Comparison between Smart Microwave Ovens and others
Immersion Thawing INA Cube Smart microwave Microwave
More than 7 hours 6 minutes 10 minutes
Bacteria detected(O) Bacteria detected(X) Bacteria detected(X)
Shape change(O) Shape change(X) Shape change(O)
loss of juicy(O) loss of juicy(X) loss of juicy(O)
Surface cooking(X) Surface cooking(X) Surface cooking(O)
Main Functions and Features
  • Defrosting
    Uniform defrosting at -3°C without loss of juice and moisture
  • Quick Food Dehydration
    Time-saving quick dehydration within 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Grilling Function
    Grill and complex functions make food more delicious
  • Microwave Cooking Function
    Basic functions of microwave oven, from heating to cooking
  • Reinforced Touchscreen Glass
    Easy and convenient use with reinforced touchscreen glass!
  • No More high Electricity Bills
    Defrosting:KRW4 / session
    (10-minutes use)
    Dehydration:KRW55 / session
    (3-hours use)
  • 4-in-1 Function
    Save space with Smart Microwave, working as defroster + dehydrater + Microwave oven + grill!
  • 1 Year Warranty
    National customer service network
Model name IMD-F251A
Rated voltage AC 220V / 60Hz
Generating capacity 900W
Rated power consumption 1,400W(microwave mode), 1,000W(grill mode)
Product size 483(W) x 400(D) x 281(H)mm
Cooking room size 340(W) x 344(D) x 210(H)mm
Cooking room capacity 25L
Manufacturer/Country INA, Inc. / Republic of Korea