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  • INA's Mini Clothes Dryer is designed for a small amount of laundry so that users can feel free to use the dryer frequently. It is designed to help you make your everyday life more convenient by making it easy to keep your laundries more clean by removing dust and sterilizing while drying your clothes.
Main Functions and Features
  • Autonomous Controlled PCT Heater
    • An air circulation system heats air immediately without burning oxygen by the installation of PTC heaters.
    • Dry clothes fast and efficiently, and spread texture wrinkle softly.
  • Portable Mini Dryer that does not need extra pipes.
    • PTC heater method that does not require extra installation of pipe is easy to use by only connecting to power
    • Light and compact size allows in variety sites such as living room, utility room, bathroom
  • Excellent dust extractor with triple filter
    • Excellence in lint-off and removing dust from laundry with triple filters
    • Filtering fine dust on clothes by exhaust filters and lint filters.
  • UV, heat sterilization, and deodorization functions
    • Sterilize 99.9% of harmful bacteria when dried by UV lamp
    • Deodorize the smell of smoking, and meat by the mini-clothes dryer.
    • Minimize damage to clothes by drying it at the optimal temperature of 60°C or less with usage of heat-resistant plastic drums.
  • No more worries about electricity bills by electricity-power-saving Mini Clothes Dryer
    • Autonomous controlled PTC heater makes premium saving electricity and optimal drying efficiency
    • Drying clothes 3kg at once, and drying 15–20 towels at once
    • KRW 244.3 per 1 usage (1.3kwh)
      (*Electricity bills depend on the household environment and tax, and regular electricity bills are based on general household consumption, which is between 200 to 400 KWH)
  • Low-vibration, low-noise designed by optimal motor and using a drum belt
  • User friendly control panels
    • Two different control types of electronic touch and timer control type according to users' preference
Rated voltage 220V / 50Hz
Power consumption 700W
Drying capacity 3kg
Product size 490W x 631H x 401D
Product weight 17kg
Drying course standard / Small amount / Deodorization / Natural wind
Control type Electronic touch / Timer
Filter Triple filters(Front filter, Rear double exhaust air filters)
Drying time Maximum 30-200 minutes
Wind temperature 60~70℃
Manufacturer/Country INA, Inc. / Republic of Korea