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  • The Virus X Mist Disinfector is designed ergonomically to prevent the inflow of the harmful bacteria and viruses from entrances where users are passing, such as offices, stores, and houses.
  • The Virus X Mist Disinfector has created for indoor quarantine during the COVID-19 era by spraying ultra-fine disinfectant fluid by ultrasonic vibrations to eliminate viruses and bacteria on the user's clothes and surroundings.
Main Functions and Features
  • Economically_ Equipped with diffuse reflective advanced sensor
    • The motion sensor detects and sprays disinfectant only when the user approaches.
  • Comfortably _ Ultrasonic vibration spray
    • Eco-friendly disinfectant with ultra fine mist spray method allows users to feel comfortable and refreshed.
  • Anyone, Everywhere _ Adjustable angle
    • Disinfect from head to leg by adjusting the spray angle in the desired direction in accordance to the user’s height.
  • Easy, Anywhere _ Caster wheels
    • With built-in caster wheels, free to move and east to install.
  • Safe _ Contamination prevention lock
    • Locking device prevents contamination of internal disinfectant solution from external environmental pollution by unexpected situations.
Model VXD-P240W / VXD-P240G / VXD-P240B
Usage Kill bacteria and viruses
Power specification 220V 60Hz
Size 390(W) x 430(D) x 1418(H)mm
Weight Approximately 26kg
Color White / Dark Gray / Dark Blue
Operating temperature 10~50℃
Operating humidity 10~90%
Sensor Type Diffusion Reflective Motion Detection Sensor
Spray type Ultrasonic Vibration
Sprayed particles 7-10um Ultrafine particles
Tank container 24,000cc
Injection quantity 1,500cc/hr
Selection mode MANUAL / SENSOR
Manufacturer/Country INA, Inc. / Republic of Korea